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Products & Services

Baltic Trans Gas is primarily involved in trading of oil and petrochemical products in Turkmenistan,
Afghanistan, and the UAE. Baltic Trans Gas operates in jet fuels,
gasoline and diesel fuels.

About Us

Baltic Trans Gas involved in the oil and petrochemical industry and conjoins with a number of noticeable energy suppliers in the region. The company endeavors to grow into a vertically integrated energy firm with global presence and a strong competitive advantage through its trading and investment activities. Baltic Trans Gas is established in 2010 in Turkmenistan, a business hub for petroleum products, targeting markets of central Asia and African countries. One of the major operations field for the company is Afghanistan of supplying fuel at multiple locations to several big companies involved downstream fuel category.

→Vision Statement:
“To be the first choice of the consumers in the field of Oil and Gas”

→MISSION statement
“To deliver a competitive edge to our customers through our expertise in business administration, financial strength, and technical methodology.”

Contact Us

Baltic Trans Gas
Contact Number: 0099 291 935 710 | Email: baltic.trans@yahoo.com
Website: www.baltictransgas.com